31 janeiro 2007

Spectrum Music

a) Did you have a Spectrum?
b) Did you love those game's musics?
c) Do you believe a band made a Cd full of 8-bit Music's?

Check link.

My friend...

«Começa a tornar-se difícil manter a sanidade, amiguinho verde e perpendicular...»

09 janeiro 2007

Star wars... em ASCII !!!!! (!$#"#%#!!!)

See it here.

Quote from FAQ:

Why (oh God, why)?
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
So what else do you do for fun?
I do have various other projects I am working on described online. I play around a bit with programming for Palm PDAs and one of my games, 'Bomb Canada', is available free for download at http://www.asciimation.co.nz/palm. Also described on that page are various other unfinished programming projects as well as a small Palm controlled robot I have built.

I am also currently building a jet engine from an old turbocharger and this is described at http://www.asciimation.co.nz/turbine.

And I invented the worlds first Jet powered Beer Cooler which is shown here http://www.asciimation.co.nz/beer.

Of course I do have other interests not described online!

(Simon Jansen)

I'm always complaining about how I should find myself a hobby...