04 julho 2006

Truth vs Happiness?

Some day in the future, believing in God will be a choice between happiness... and truth. Faith is a genetic advantage which makes life a lot easier. Truth on the other hand... is something completely different. We believe in order to have an easier life, a happier one. The truth however, to His existence, is a completely different mater. One which I think my opinion is clear since line one.

I heard the proof of genetic predisposition to faith is around the corner.

2 comentários:

Vanessa Barata disse...

Of course faith is a purpose to make life easier...but also, to make it better! Faith is the boost to anyone's greatest achievements...:) Whatever it is you have faith in (O Eusébio tem fé na toalha) it's always a good help to go through the pathway of life. It's THE help:)

For more read "Conversations with God - A peculiar dialogue" ... We're all just one!

nando disse...

A fé, o divino e a vida...
Tantas permanentes interrogações. :)